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Clymb Adventures Partner Spotlight: One World Safari Tours


You’re reading a Clymb Adventures Partner Spotlight. We’ll be giving you an inside look at the people who power Clymb Adventures, what makes them so special, and why they are such an integral part of what we do.


One World Safari Tours
Meet The People That Power Clymb Adventures

As a child, One World Safari Tour founder, Bariki Lobulu was raised as many Tanzanian children were — in a Maasai village without modern comforts and scarce in opportunities beyond the traditional nomadic lifestyle. Fueled by dreams of education, world exploration, and learning how to help others through business, Bariki sought a life beyond. A high school sponsorship led to work and travel throughout Europe and the U.S. for 15 years. Gaining early experience as a porter, Bariki also received formal training as both a professional mountain guide and a safari guide, with the intent of bringing these skills back to a greater purpose.


Inspired by the call of home and his rich Maasai culture, Bariki hosted a group of fellow construction workers on a charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the idea for One World Safari Tours was officially born.


Established in 2006, OWST is a 100% locally owned, purpose driven tour company that operates on two fundamental premises: tourism should connect travelers with authentic local culture, nature, and adventure, and it should give back to the local community and environment while doing so. Whether you’re climbing the highest peak in Africa, embarking on a safari in one of the country’s many vast wildlife preserves, or both, for each and every trip purchase OWST springs a 10% donation to local non-profit organizations and community development programs.


To date, OWST guests have contributed to building classrooms and water systems at rural schools, delivering food, supplies, toys, and clothing to an orphanage, providing medical supplies to a rural clinic, and sponsoring students and underprivileged children.


In addition to charity, OWST prides itself on empowering others through employment, training, and education. Highly skilled local staff, ranging from porters, to assistant, lead, and senior guides have received expert training to lead guests on safe, unforgettable experiences up the mountain and on safari. Now, 10 years after its inception, OWST has permanent staff headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania as well as Europe, and helps provides livelihoods for over 250 porters and guides.


The Clymb and One World Safari Tours invite you to help give back simply by exploring — all you’ve got to do is GO.

For more information about Clymb Adventures, or to take an adventure with One World Safari Tour, check out our Adventures page here.

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