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Grandpa With 16-Pound Tumor Gets Carried By 6 Men For Last Chance At Survival On 2 Day Journey


When you think about tumors, you might think of cancer, and you might even think of hidden ones.

Because, in America, where we have access to medical care in most scenarios, if there is ever something small that we see growing on ourselves, we get it checked out. And many times, the tumors that we, or our loved ones have, are found through tests, inside of our body.

But, for other countries and cities around the world, the medical access can be far from their fingertips.

For 55-year-old Sambanyhis journey to medical care was years after it should have been because, the lack thereof, in Africa.

When he finally heard about Mercy Ships volunteer surgeons, his medical condition had already severely devastated his quality of life.

He had a 16-pound tumor on his face, and it was double the size of his head.

But, after hearing about this great volunteer hospital that does work for free for those in need, he made the two-day journey there while being carried on 6 men’s backs.

Mercy Ships saw him and were heartbroken that they didn’t find him sooner, but they were determined to try to help him.

With the risk of death when going into this surgery, they all knew that they had to at least try. What quality of life could he ever have if this tumor kept growing?

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