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Pizza Lover Builds His Yard A Beautiful New Outdoor Pizza Oven


Backyards can be fantastic backdrops for all sorts of luxurious gadgets and appliances.

All his life, Imgur userjoshymg1981dreamed ofhousing a huge, hot pizza oven in his backyard perfect for pumping out deliciously cheesy pies at the drop of a hat.

However, every time he took hisidea seriously and began researching teams to hire to bring his vision to life, every quoted offer far exceeded his ideal budget.

So, this builder finally decided to get crafty and build his own DIY version.

In 12-weekstime, using fire bricks, ceramic insulation, metal lathe, stucco, paint and so on, this DIY-er fashioned a gorgeous new grill and pizza oven with his own two hands.

And in true summer form, he’s already put his project to good use, cranking outenough pizza to feed a party full of his daughter’s closest friends.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn more about how this clever builder created his new pizza oven.


For years, Imgur userjoshymg1981dreamed of owning his own outdoor grill and pizza oven.

However,the project had always felt farbeyond his financial capabilities. Recently, though, this dreamer decided to change course and finally seize his dream once and for all.

He decided to build his ideal grill and pizza oven himself, DIY-style.

Armed with some fire blocks from Craigslist and a handy set of DIY plans mapping his methodology, thisbuilder set off erectingthe outdoor grill and pizza oven of his dreams.


He started his build by laying a proper cement foundation in place.


Then, he started erecting his new grill and pizza oven’s walls, from the ground up.


This builder laid redbricks perfectly in place around his pizza oven’s tester structure expertly lining and curving its roof together.

He staggered the bricks to improve the oven’s durability.


Outfitted with a proper chimney and a lovely red brick outer border, this pizza oven was ready for insulation.


While finishing construction onhis pizza oven, this DIY-er could, at least, make good use of the already completed grill portion of his new project.

With it, he cooked summertime classics to fuel the rest of his build.


Next, this DIY-er turned his attention toward properly sealing his pizza oven.

He decked out the entire structure in ceramic insulation.

Then, covered in metal lathe and heaping doses of stucco, this pizza oven was well on its way to completion.


Once the stucco thoroughly dried, it formed a heat barrier enabling his pizza oven to reach remarkably high internal temperatures.

This devoted DIY-er kept his masterpiece shadedfromthe sun while drying to avoid unnecessary cracks.


Then, this builder let hisoven set for a full month to further ensure hisstucco’s lasting strength.

After a month passed, this DIY-er began building small daily fires inside his oven’s cavity, slowly acclimating its materials to fire’s high heats.


To properly seal his oven’s cavity during off-cooking hours, this Imgur user also fashioned his pizza oven a metaldoor.

He even drilled on a thermometer, giftingfuture cooks the abilityto keep a precise eye on theircook surface’s rising heat levels.


Step-by-step, this crafty builder transformed his dream into a beautiful new reality.


And after waiting the appropriate length of time, he painted his project a lovely shade of white, finally bringing his build to a close.


Since finishing his pizza oven and grill build, this creator has already thrownhis daughter her dream pizza-making birthday party and cooked allof her 12 friends’ personal pizzas in under 20 minutes.


From the looks of it, the oven seems to be producing some pretty tasty treats.


This builder used his own savvy skills to turn alongtime dream into his beautiful new reality onehis family has quickly grown to love.

What do you think of this builder’s project? Have you ever built a DIY creationin your backyard? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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