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Smart Prepper Explains The Survival Essentials You Should Keep Packed At All Times


Bug-out bags are premade kits filled with everything that is necessary to survive for at least 72 hours.

“Bug out” is a term derived from the Korean War thatwas passed down among military and law enforcement personnel.

It was created with theidea that everyone should have a survival bag they can grab if they need toevacuate somewhere quickly.

Though these bags are made with the hopethat they will never have to be used, having one ready in the event of a flood, fire, or other natural disaster could be lifesaving.

While they seem like a great idea to have tucked away just in case, it can be confusing to narrow down exactly what you need or don’t need to survive for at least three days.

But thankfully, one informative Imgur user made a guide, breaking down everything that should be in your homemade bug-out bag.

Check below to learn about all the elements you need should your sudden survival bag becomenecessary it definitely made me feel more prepared!

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Survival Item #1: Water


The Imgur userexplained that we need at least three liters of water per day to stay properly hydrated, and even more if we would like to use it for hygiene.

While acollapsible container is great for relieving bulk once the water is gone, metal containers are also helpful because they can be used to cook.

Survival Item #2: Water Purification


Water purification is also important if you are out in nature and far fromclean, treated water.

Though boiling water is always an option, there are plenty of cool filtration gadgets out there that campers use when they are out in the wild, like filtered “survival straws” and purification tablets.

“The three options of boiling, filtering, and chemical treatment will give you more flexibility in securing one of your most basic survival needs: clean water,” explains the author.

Survival Item #3: Food


“Dont worry about planning for three well balanced meals per daythis is survival, not vacation,” explains the author.

Water may be more necessary than food, but it’s still important to keep your calorie count up if you have the means.

Canned, nonperishable foods arerecommended as well as dehydrated snacks orMilitary MREs.

Candy bars are also easy to pack and have plenty of calories.

Survival Item #4: Cooking Equipment


In terms of cooking utensils, the lighter the better.

A portable pot, spork, cup, and metal plate are all that are advised.

If you also need a heat source for cooking and can’t build a fire, backpack stoves with fuel canisters are available.

“Id rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” states the author.

Survival Item #5: Clothing and Shelter


Recommended clothing includes:

  • 2pairs of wool hiking socks
  • 2pairs of underwear
  • 1extra pair of pants (not jeans or 100 percent cotton)
  • 1pair of long underwear
  • 1wool hat
  • 2extra shirts (one long, one short)
  • 1fleece
  • 1rain jacket
  • 1military poncho
  • 1pair of hiking boots

There are plenty of options for shelter, including a military-grade poncho that can transform into a tent, a reflective survival blanket, or a tarp that can survive the elements.

You can also carry around a sleeping bag if you are able.

Survival Item #6: Fire


The author advises packing at least three ways to light a fire, including lighters, waterproof matches, and tinder.

For tinder, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly are an effective DIY option.

Survival Item #7: First Aid


Most first aid kits come premade, but if you are going to make your own, theysuggest:

  • 1 x 3 adhesive bandages (12)
  • 2 x 4.5 adhesive bandages (2)
  • adhesive knuckle bandages (3)
  • butterfly closure bandages (2)
  • gauze dressing

You can also include suture kits, and different types of bandages.

Survival Item #8: Tools


A knife is heavily stressed as one of the most important bug-out bag essentials, large enough to chop but delicate enough for carving and cooking.

In addition to a knife you can also add a multitool with blades, screwdrivers, and other important tools.

Survival Item #9: Lighting


At least two lighting sources are recommended, like flashlights and long-lasting candles.

Combined, these tools create a collection that can help you survive almost any predicament for at least 72 hours.

Disasters can strike when we least expect them, so having your own bug-out bag can help you feel prepared if anything awful requires you toevacuate.

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