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Succulent Garden Coffee Table Brings Outdoor Beauty Indoors


While designing and building furniture yourself can certainly be a great way to spend less, compromising quality over cost is rarely ever the way to go.

When Reddit useralwynxjones‘s girlfriend requested he flex his DIY-ing musclesand build them a new coffee table to update their living room’s look and feel, he first explored a few milk crate table design options.

However, this savvy buildersoon realized that milk crates were not necessarily the sturdiest materials out therefor furniture building.

Instead, he went back to the drawing board, and began exploringa different coffee table design one complete with its own built-in succulent garden.

Taking the project step-by-step, this boyfriend built his girlfriend the cutest little conversation-piece coffee table of her dreams.

With its festive colors and living embellishments, this table brings nature’s beauty right intotheir living room.

Keep scrolling to learn all about how this DIY-er built his adorable little two-in-one coffee table and mini garden.


Reddit useralwynxjones‘sgirlfriend recently requested he build their living room a new coffee table.

She offered a milk crate table design as inspiration, however, her boyfriend felt confident he could take her request and run with it, toward a design far beyond her wildest expectations.


He decided to try his hand at building a coffee table with an embedded succulent garden.

To get this project going, this crafty builderfirst laid all his project’s different components out, to get a better visual understanding of how histablewould eventually come together.


Next, he painstakingly crafted these table joint pieces, whichwere mildly outside his building comfort zone.

However, with a little hard work, he got the job done!


Then, this builder framed out his table.


He used a Kreg jig to help make slats for his coffee table’s lower shelf.


Next, this DIY-erfit the shelf in place, and patted himself on the back for securingsuch glorious table joints.


With his table’s base successfully assembled and sanded, all this projectneeded now was a top and a fresh coat of paint.


This DIY-ersawed a rectangular hole into his coffee table’s top, and inserted a black planter to househis succulent garden.


He thenprimed his table’s base, and painted its top with chalkboard paint.


Once the primer dried, this crafty painterapplied a fresh coat of teal tothe table’s base, for a modern, funky look.


After plantinga few adorable succulents into the table’s planter, his table was complete!

Now, he and his girlfriend have a gorgeous new coffee table, bursting with life in all sorts of different ways.


These cute DIY-ers even decorated their succulent garden as if it were a mini patio. How adorable is that?


Challenged to build the coffee table of his girlfriend’s dreams, this DIY-er created a gorgeous, fun, and festive piece of furniture for the two of them to enjoy indefinitely.

What do you think of this coffee table? Have you ever built a coffee table? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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