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Conquering The Cornerstones: Self-Defense – The 4th Pillar Of Survival


Without self-defense, your chances at survival dwindle, so read on for tips, techniques, and strategies!

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The Essence of Self-Defense in Survival Most Common Threats

Intruders or Bad Guys Predators and Wild Animals Natural Elements Foreign and Domestic Threats ATAG 8 Zombie and Aliens

Self-Defense Techniques and Strategies

Cognitive Skills Self-Defense Training Health and Fitness Self-Defense Weapons and Tools Fortification

Self-Defense: The 4th Pillar of Survival

The Essence of Self-Defense in Survival

Whether it’s out in the wild, in an urban setting, or after SHTF, self-defense is just as crucial as water, fire, food, and shelter. In fact, without self-defense, those survival factors are useless and as good as gone.

You might have the food supply to last you a decade but with menaces and components, they could still be destroyed and taken away from you.

Identify your continuing threat so you can apply the suitable or best defense strategy.

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Most Common Threats

1. Invader or Bad Guys

Someone somewhere will try to get you or your supplying since you are competition from resources or a source. Sadly, there are also people out to get you simply to hurt you.

Whether it’s an individual or a group of people with bad intent, you need to prepare and amp up your self-defense skills and strategies.

2. Predator and Wild Animals Instagram Photo These are very real threats in the wild and even in residential area. From bear attacks and alligators to mountain lions and sharks attacks, you must learn to fend yourself from these survival menaces.

3. Natural Elements

 Hurricane natural disaster | Conquering The Cornerstones: Self-Defense - The 4th Pillar of Survival

While natural calamities and catastrophes like hurricane, wildfire, and volcanic eruptions are enormous menaces, we can still try to defend ourselves and our property from these destructive parts. Our lives, furnish, and resources are at huge hazard from these calamities.

4. Foreign and Domestic Threats

These are large scale and organized bad guys we could be powerless against. That is why we defend the second amendment.

5. Zombies and Aliens

These perceived menaces are real to many or at least considered as a possible threat in the future. With pop culture, we should know by now to avoid zombie bites and go for the head in self-defense.

Now aliens can be a bit complicated since they’re out of this world and no one can know for sure if they’ll come in peace or not and what their imperfections are. You know you can at least try to defend yourself from a lone foreigner but the pack will need military intervention.

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Self-Defense Techniques and Strategies

1. Cognitive Skills

The first and most critical skill that you will need to incorporate into your self-defense strategy is basic common sense. The ability to think with logic allows you to keep calm and collected, thus helping you come up with effective survival strategies.

Even in assault situations or being held against your will, you can think of effective ways to escape or fight off your attacker. In these situations, your quick thinking helps you improvise.

In the wild, common sense dictates you to steer clear of dangerous animals. With know-how and good memory, you will survive animal attacks or avoid it in the first place.

To further fine tune your cognitive abilities, get information on survival techniques is the first step. Learning about these strategies by putting them into the test is next.

2. Self-Defense Training

Woman takes lessons in shooting with a handgun on the shooting range | Conquering The Cornerstones: Self-Defense - The 4th Pillar of Survival

If you haven’t thought about a firearm and shooting course, its about period if you are to have a fighting chance. But, self-defense develop moving beyond a shooting course.

Martial arts, weapons train, physical fitness develop, operating self-defense tools are self-defense strategies. You might also want to look at parkour training as a good self-defense technique.

Even training your pets for self-defense is a good strategy. Training your mind to preparedness or a defense mode is also good defense.

3. Health and Fitness

Crossfit workout | Conquering The Cornerstones: Self-Defense - The 4th Pillar of Survival

Will you outrun or even outsmart attackers? Will you not freak out or drop dead at the first sign of trouble? If you’re unfit, I highly doubt it.

Physical preparedness is a real self-defense strategy. You have an edge at survival with a sound mind and a body in tip-top shape.

Besides a healthy diet, physical training and workout help promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Cardio exercises, kettlebell exerts, and a suspension training system are only some of the ways to promote fitness.

When it comes to push and shove in a survival scenario, we all know the physically fit has the upper hand. Here are more survival fitness tips to know for your defense.

4. Self-Defense Weapons and Tools

Even in zombie assaults, there are a set of ideal weapons to effectively fight them off. But severely, to increase your odds at survival, your self-defense strategy must include weapons and tools.

Weapons and tools and training go hand in hand in self-defense. So understanding your weapons options and how to use them to your defense.

On the other hand, while knowing how to use a gun or other weapons is a true survival skill, making your own weapons is the ultimate exam. When you have nothing, you can simply style a lance, make a homemade crossbow, or smoke bomb.

5. Fortification

It could be your home, your survival shelter, or a temporary camp, building a protection system around it is your first line of defense. There are many ways to secure your home or your base–even a car tire wall.

But there are also more modern ways to secure and fortify your home. It’s a smart investment to defend your home with a security system is not merely for when SHTF but present threats.

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To protect yourself and your base from all forms of threats is one of the cores of survival. It is helpful to be armed in some way–anything from pepper spray to a pistol can ward off attackers and a security system to defend your base.

Being proactive, aware, and cautious are the best tools one can use when practising self-defense. Thus preparedness in all aspect is your ultimate self-defense.

Have you been working out on a self-defense strategy and training lately? Tell us all about it in the comments segment below!

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