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Improvised Survival Gear | 7 DIY Projects For Preppers


Don’t let MacGyver have all the fun, but learn to make a DIY improvised survival gear because you never know when you might need it!

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DIY Improvised Survival Gear You Need to Know

1. Coffee Can Heater

Imagine a widespread power outage, and it’s freezing both outdoors and indoors. Are you going under a thick blanket of sheets or remain huddled in the corner to try to keep yourself warm?

We indicate you learn to make this improvised heater from a coffee can, toilet paper, and alcohol. You can find these household essentials in most buildings, so where you are find yourself you are able to make this survival gear.

Make and use this improvised heater with caution though and make sure a fire extinguisher is close.

2. Non-Electric Refrigerator

Whether it’s an unexpected power outage or when you’re living off the grid, you will find this improvised refrigerator the coolest thing ever. In fact, it will help keep your perishable food longer for up to three weeks.

In the case of SHTF, you can extend your food supply with this improvised survival gear. By also keeping tabs on expiry dates and storing short-lived foods, you get to extend your food supply.

3. Simple Water Filter

We cannot stress enough the importance of water when it is, in fact, one of the pillars of survival. Safe-drinking water is even more important, so this improvised water filter should be something you are able to learn to make.

Remember you cannot be too sure about the safety of your drinking water. While this survival gear filter sediments, debris, and even the funky scent out, other harmful organisms may still lurk.

Boiling is still one of the most effective forms of making water safe for drinking. There are also other chemical means to purify water, but simmering water is the most accessible.

4. Milk Jug Lamp

Illuminate your room, outdoors, or your tent by creating an ambient light from a milk jug and a small source of illuminate. This improvised gear should be perfect for reading and other activities you need to do with light.

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5. Shortening Candle

Now you know you can make an improvised candle from a can of Cisco vegetable shorten. So, if you find yourself without light, simply head straight to the cupboard and get this thing done fast.

You can have this candle going for weeks so if you run out of batteries and candles, this will suffice until normal power returns, or not.

6. Mint Tin Stove

Follow the full instructions and the step-by-step guide to this DIY mint tin stove survival gear. This survival gear DIY will allow you to carry more essentials with you on a camp or in your bugout purse.

You can also check out this improvised stove from an aluminum soda can.

7. Battery Converter

This homemade survival equipment permits you to work on survival items at hand. Even the best of us build mistakes and anyone can easily forget batteries and battery sizes.

Well, thankfully you are able to convert AAA batteries into AAs so you won’t have to fret over batteries that aren’t available.

Find the full instructions the full infographic here!

Infographic | Disaster Survival | Improvised Survival Gear | DIY Projects For Preppers

Knowing how to attain your own survival gear is an extremely valuable survival skill. You never know when they might come in handy, and they come in handy indeed making you appreciate you took time to learn them.

So add more DIY survival hackers and survival tricks up your sleeves including stimulating your own DIY improvised survival gear. These seven badass improvised survival gear projects designed to preppers should be a fantastic start.

Which improvised survival gear have you tried to stimulate or are you going to try to stimulate? Share your schemes with us in the comments segment below!

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