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Taco Bell Survival Kit


We’d like to present you with a “White Elephant” gift worth fighting over! A Taco Bell Survival Kit that will make dinner with friends never the same again! If you want prizes to fight over! You’ll want to see this!

Taco Bell Survival Kit

Instantly this Taco Bell Survival Kit becomes the best white elephant gift around! If you love tacos?! We have you covered with this playful prank idea… although we take no responsibility for what happens next, lol. 

What you need to Make a Taco Bell Survival Kit

Ready to create your fun gift? This DIY Taco Bell Survival Kit will put the odds in your favor when it comes to the BEST gift at the party! What you will need to make it!

Toilet Paper

Glad Spray (Find the Holiday Collection here!)

Adult Flushable Moist Wipes

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Hot sauce packets


Taco Bell gift card

Free Printable Sign Taco Bell Survival Kit Printable

How to Make the Taco Bell Survival Kit

It is really easy to make and our reader and friend Sara did an incredible job! This is how she made the White Elephant Gift for her work party.

First, you need to lay the toilet paper down (face up) on the table, desk, or in your craft area station. After that, you will need to begin taping each essential item to the toilet paper. Third, include the wipes, poo spray, and Glad (holiday spray) to the package of toilet paper. The fourth thing you’ll need to do is add the Free Taco Bell Survival Kit Printable (optional) or create your own. After that fill the rest of the package with hot sauce and a Taco Bell gift card and you’re done! That’s it! You’ve created a funny, hilarious, and a gift exchange worthy idea!

It is such an easy White Elephant gift to make that your friends, co-workers, or family members will go nuts fighting over this hilarious gag gift! 

What’s the funniest White Elephant Gift you’ve ever seen?

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