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Thousands Of Survival Uses For Household Items


Thousands Of Survival Uses For Household Items

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In case you haven’t heard of it, MacGyver was a popular TV show in the 80s. The title character is a genius who works as a field agent for DXS, a fictional U.S. intelligence agency.

What most people remember about MacGyver is his ability to make use of everyday items to solve problems. As his best friend, Pete, once said, “He can fix anything. He can fix a computer with a hairpin and a piece of duct tape.” In season 2, MacGyver saves Pete’s life using a paper clip, a wrench, and shoelaces.

Of course, MacGyver is a fictional character and most of his tricks probably wouldn’t work in the real world. However, it’s still true that if you know how, you can use ordinary everyday items for thousands of different things, especially in survival scenarios.

Useful Household Items

Here are a few examples of household items that each have dozens of survival uses: aluminum foil, bandanas, bobby pins, chapstick, coffee filters, condoms, drinking straws, duct tape, floss, lipstick, milk jugs, pantyhose, pill bottles, shower curtains, Q-tips, sandpaper, socks, trash bags, WD-40, Ziploc bags, and more.

That’s just a sampling. There are at least 92 everyday items that can be used for survival purposes. And unlike MacGyver, you don’t have to be a genius to make use of these items. You just have to spend some time learning and practicing.

Why Learn Survival Uses?

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to learn thousands of survival uses for everyday items, keep in mind that in a disaster, you can’t guarantee you’ll have all the gear you need to survive. What if your bug out bag is stolen? Or what if your home (where all your gear is) gets destroyed? You’ll need to know how to make use of whatever’s around.

Additionally, knowing survival uses for household items can save you a lot of money. Rather than buying lots of survival products, you can just upcycle some of your garbage. That alone is reason enough to learn these hacks.

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